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The Porcelain Souls

One haunted house, whispers of a missing girl, and a demon with vengeance at his core. This series holds a collection of chilling paranormal horror shorts that will make you think twice about porcelain dolls. Inspired by the works of Poe and Hitchcock, The Porcelain Souls gives you suspense without all the gore. If you like creepy houses and quirky characters, you'll love the unexpected twists in these classic horror tales.

Coming 2019


The Porcelain Souls Part Three

A dead cop and a string of mysterious disappearances set the town of Credence on edge. Despite the growing dangers surrounding the Whitson house and the chilling warnings left by her ancestors, Huiliang Zui risks ties with her family and breaks into the abandoned building to find answers. But the tortured spirit residing there demands blood, seeking to eradicate his past life’s miseries and complete his collection.

When Alex Wingate helps Huili out of a tight spot, an unexpected friendship forms. However, it isn’t long before old wounds resurface and motives are questioned. Can they overcome past judgements and work together to destroy the demon? Or will they, too, fall victim to his trap and perish like the lost souls before them?

In the latest installment of The Porcelain Souls series, the fate of Credence rests on one girl's shoulders. If she fails, they’ll all be devoured.

Coming 2020

Next year, the last two parts in the series will be released, along with a special paperback collector's edition. The collector's edition will feature all five stories as well as historical background information about the dolls and myths included in the story and a sixth bonus short that follows the aftermath of one of readers’ favorite main character. Plus, a new secret is revealed in the bonus short—one you won’t want to miss!

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These bonus shorts serve as prequels to the main trilogy. Many of you have asked for more background about the house and one of the main characters in part one. In part four, you'll be thrown directly into the life of the antagonist, discovering the chilling events that led to his role in the series and set the trilogy in motion.

In part five, we'll take a look at the role of a minor character who spends most of her adult life a prisoner in her own home. She is haunted by the memories of her son’s passing, and with each new year of confinement and delusions, the division between her reality and fears blur. Fighting for her life and that of her unborn child, she must come to grips with her past while a dangerous demon fractures the barrier between the living and dead, searching for the perfect souls to complete his collection and set him free.

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Part One: The Eyes That Moved

Kendra Merrick has a knack for spotting unusual trinkets and treasures, and she isn’t afraid of using unconventional—or illegal—methods to obtain them. When she meets Adam, a fellow sleuth and collector, they embark on their biggest adventure yet: the Whitson house. The house is a marvel, and its secrets are even stranger than she imagined.

Kendra stumbles upon the find of a lifetime. But she may have signed on for more than she bargained. There’s a darkness in the house that wasn’t there before, a pair of eyes in every corner, watching, waiting. And Adam isn’t at all who he claimed to be.

Part Two: The Ballerina's Gift

Marley Harcove wants nothing more than to inch her way up the social ladder and win over her three-year crush. But after her parents buy the infamously spooky Whitson house, she comes face-to-face with the rumors surrounding it—and one of its previous occupants.

When her rival, Alex Wingate, crashes her party, everything unravels. Marley needs a plan, and fast, especially after whispers of a missing girl spread and an anonymous gift turns up in her bedroom. But those are the least of her concerns. If rumors about the house are true, more than Marley's reputation might be at stake.