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About the Services

I offer several editing services for a wide variety of manuscripts. While I am most familiar with YA, NA, and adult fiction, particularly in the genres of fantasy, horror, paranormal, and sci-fi, I do accept manuscripts from other categories. However, I won't accept erotica or excessively violent pieces. I have additional experience with nonfiction and technical pieces, but my services for those are extremely limited, as I much prefer editing fiction. Most nonfiction pieces I edit are short articles and blog posts.

Although my services are geared toward indie authors, I work with traditionally published authors as well. Copy and line editing are specialties of mine. That being said, a vast number of the requests I receive involve developmental editing.

All documents are kept completely confidential, and all rights are retained by the author. I use the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style as my style guide and do all my edits in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes and commenting features. Any change or suggestion I make is always backed up with a rule or reason. If it’s simply a personal preference, I’ll let you know that too. My business is registered with the state of Pennsylvania and has been verified on Reedsy, Facebook, and Google.

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manuscript Coaching — Full Editing and critique

If your novel has been worked and reworked but you’re not sure how else to improve it, this service might be for you. It includes all the services listed below (broken down into four stages with multiple passes) plus voice/video chats and guidance with outlining, author bios, blurbs, synopses, and query letters. I occasionally do some light ghostwriting in this service, but it's very limited. My goal is to coach you through your manuscript—not write it for you—and to teach you writing techniques that can be applied to future projects. It's the most detailed level of editing I can give, and it's often the best approach for newer authors.

I provide numerous comments and examples within your manuscript during each stage to help you better understand what works in your piece and what doesn't. I'll also address any specific or recurring stylistic issues, including filter words. To do so, I create custom content and proofreading checklists that are applied during the final editing stages. By the end of our revisions, you’ll have a fully edited manuscript, skills that will help you write your next book, and a much better idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

Manuscript coaching is easily the most popular and cost-effective service I offer. Because of that, I usually suggest getting in touch with me as early as possible if you're interested.

Please note: I only offer these services for completed manuscripts. However, if your book is finished but still undergoing polishing, that’s perfectly okay. I’d encourage you to reach out now anyway, as there’s usually a short waiting period for larger projects. For feedback on early drafts or opening chapters of your manuscript, please contact me about workshops instead.

Content/Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is for those who have completed manuscripts but are struggling with the structure of the novel or underlying content elements. I can help you tweak your outline and rearrange scenes to deliver a more captivating story. Along those same lines, most clients who opt for developmental edits also request more detailed content edits. The detailed content edits focus on fleshing out characters, the environment, and the more complex layers of the plot. That includes assessing the subplots as well as the effectiveness of the narrative, point of view, and dialogue. I’ll also look for inconsistencies in plot, pacing, and general sentence structure. This service is best suited for short stories and full-length fiction. Two passes as well as occasional voice/video chats are included.

Line Editing

Line editing is an in-depth look at the flow and structure of the prose. It takes into account sentence structure and variation, paragraph transitions, tense, vocabulary, dialogue usage and structure, and general wording of a piece to make the manuscript as smoothly written as possible. This type of editing is usually coupled with basic copyediting. It is used primarily for fiction, though it can be used in nonfiction as well. It includes up to two passes.

Copyediting Plus Proofreading

Copyediting and proofreading consists of searching for typos and correcting basic punctuation errors. It also includes checking things like grammar, spelling, and consistency of such items. This kind of editing is ideal for manuscripts and nonfiction pieces that are complete and just need final touch-ups. It includes up to two passes.

If you feel as though none of my editing services meet your needs, feel free to contact me anyway! I’ll do my best to get you in touch with someone who might be a better match for your project.



Short Story and Opening chapter Workshops

I offer one- and two-hour workshops for short stories and opening chapters of novels. Similar to my manuscript coaching service, the focus in these workshops is teaching you the basics of strengthening the content of your story as well as the sentence structures within it. I do include some copyediting with the service, but it is very limited. The purpose is to teach writers how to hone their craft and edit their own work before submitting it for a full critique, which often saves you both time and money in the long run. I charge a flat rate of $45 for a one-hour session and $70 for a two-hour session.

Grammar and Punctuation Workshops

I also offer one- and two-hour workshops as crash courses in grammar and punctuation. In each, I cover your choice of any grammar or punctuation topic you'd like to improve upon. We can spend a short time on multiple topics or a longer amount of time on just a couple topics. Whatever best suits your needs is how I adapt our time. Workshops for these include short exercises where we walk through the rules and cover examples together based on the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style. The main purpose is to help you identify your habits as a writer and familiarize yourself with the standard punctuation guidelines for fiction. The cost is $30 for a one-hour session and $50 for a two-hour session.