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Website of author and professional editor Rachelle M. N. Shaw. Find information about her books, her editing services, and her blog, From Mind to Paper: On Writing and Editing.



Recent and Upcoming Publications

Sisters: a women's fiction piece

Release date: June 26, 2017

Now available for pre-order on Amazon

When tragedy strikes in the lives of two young girls, claiming the life of their father, envy takes hold. Childhood memories fade, and spite replaces the once immovable bond between Matilda and her sister, Charlotte, as the years go by. One settles for a traditional life with her husband and kids, burying the punishment and shame of her past, while the other cultivates a career set in the early days of feminism, pursuing work as a nurse during the birth of World War II. Both spend their days reveling in a facade of happiness, but after reality strips away their youth and they face the onset of another era, they are left with tainted wounds that may never heal. Can they set aside their differences and renew their relationship, or will their pride once again stand in the way?


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Writing community Badges I've Earned

The 10 Minute Novelist group is the amazing Facebook group for writers led by Katharine Grubb, a busy mom and author who wrote her book in just 10 minutes a day. The group ranked #6 last year in Writer's Digest Top 100 Websites for Writers. The group is amazing. I've been an active member in it since March of 2015.

To earn the Red Pen badge, I devoted more than 10 hours of my time editing my own work in a given month.

To earn this badge, I was chosen as one of the winner's of the 365k group's Friday challenge "Gender Swap," where I had to describe what my MC would be like if she were a male.


I earned this badge by spending 10+ hours editing my own work in 2017.

To earn the critique badge, I devoted more than 10 hours of my time providing critiques for other writers in a given month.

To earn this badge, I participated in a weekly challenge through the 365K Club. My contribution was voted as one of the top ones for listing some of my characters' quirky traits.

My e-book The Eyes That Moved was selected for inclusion in the Indie Pennsylvania collection on Self-e.

I earned this badge by meeting my monthly word count goal for the first time in 2017.

To earn the Ignoring the Siren's Call badge, my comment was voted as one of the most creative ways to procrastinate on my writing projects. All of us writers get burnt out from time to time; I'm no exception!

I participated in a 365k challenge where I had to describe how an important relationship between my MC and another character impacts the MC. My answer was chosen as one of the winners of this challenge.

I earned this badge by devoting 230+ hours of my time to critiquing others' work cumulatively throughout 2017.

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