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Testimonials and Examples

Drawing The Line
I am so grateful for Rachelle’s expert eyes on my manuscript. She not only pointed out basic errors but also made me think about why I had made the choices I had made. Her editorial help has made me a better writer.
— Katharine Grubb, founder and owner of 10 Minute Novelists; author of Write a Novel in Ten Minutes a Day, When the Timer Dings, and Conquering Twitter in 10 Minutes a Day
I entered the editing journey with no experience or expectations, and I ended up beyond blessed with Rachelle. She is professional, down-to-earth, knowledgeable in her craft, and friendly, not to mention affordable. She cares not only about your manuscript but your skills as an author. I have every intention of employing her in the future, and I would highly recommend her to every writer I know.
— Emma Brenner, author
Working with Rachelle on my book has been a refreshing experience. Not only did I reach the results that I was after, but she also pushed me to grow as a writer; she worked my mind with new perspectives that really shifted the story beyond what I could have done on my own. I plan to come back to her again and again!
— Tanner Lutheran, award-winning author of the series I Hope All of Your Flowers Turn Into Beautiful People
Rachelle has worked on a number of my projects, from fiction to poetry. In addition to basic editing services, she provides insightful comments on the flow and structure of my poetry. She provides candid feedback and catches mistakes that seem to be transparent to my eyes. Editing poetry is not often as straight forward as editing prose. To address this challenge, Rachelle uses her education, experience, and professional skills to absorb the intent of each poem and adjusts to style, type, and and genre to provide edits and suggestions to improve my work.
— A. Rodriguez, author
Working with Rachelle made editing a breeze. It felt great to know my book was in good hands. Instead of worrying, I was able to focus on taking steps to publish my manuscript. Her sharp eye was spot on during her copyediting, and I was blown away how she made her line editing suggestions sound like MY voice. I fully intend to work with her on future books.
— E.L. Scott, author of The Hidden Book series
It was a pleasure working with Rachelle. She provided insightful perspectives and helped sculpt the content of my story. She also gave thorough explanations of all the changes she made and coached me to be a better writer with much kindness. I am very happy with the piece that we worked on together. She is very patient and dedicated. I will definitely come back to her again for my next project.
— Shuling Ding, author
I hired Rachelle to copy edit my debut novel and got so much more! Not only did she catch every single error, but she also provided thorough explanations with each that helped me grow as a writer. I find myself making fewer errors in my previous works thanks to Rachelle’s advice. So, I had no qualms hiring her for my next project; in fact, I plan on hiring her for all of my future projects. Her expertise, attention to detail, and pricing are unmatched. And I appreciate her professionalism, flexibility, and compassion. I strongly recommend her expertise to anyone who wishes to improve their skills.
— Kylie Betzner, author of The Wizard’s Gambit and The Quest for the Holy Something or Other
Rachelle’s editing style is not only helpful but educational. Her detailed insights and thorough explanations have helped make my manuscript better than it originally was. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever come across, and it is evident in her brilliant work.
— Sandy Kemper, author of The Madder series
Rachelle has always been my go-to editor for all of my writing projects, both short stories and novels. Not only does she have a strong grasp on grammar, but she also provides invaluable input on each project, bringing with her a unique perspective. This unique prospective has helped shape sections of my work, including my most recent writing endeavor. If a section is not just right or I require additional feedback on it, I do not hesitate to bring it to Rachelle. I would recommend her expertise to anyone.
— Sarah Wright, author of The Augur's Rose series
My experience working with Rachelle these past few years has been an incredible learning process for me. She has helped me grow immensely as a writer, not just in technique but in confidence and voice, too.
— Kayla Detton, author

Editing Examples

The content below show examples of my structural and copyediting services respectively. Please note that all content contained within each is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without proper consent. Explicit permission was received by the authors to publish the edits to their work on this site.