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From Mind to Paper: On Writing and Editing

From Mind to Paper is a blog for writers, editors, and those interested in the English language. It covers a multitude of writing topics, from punctuation and grammar to plot development, character development, and world building. In addition to in-depth articles about various writing topics, this blog also has a number of series posts, which are currently being transformed into a nonfiction series on writing.

The Grammar Grind: Introduction

Rachelle M. N. Shaw

With texting and social networking playing such a big part in our daily methods of communication, particularly among adolescents, it's easy to see why grammar takes a backseat. There are even some who believe punctuation and grammar are overrated and don't make a bit of difference. But I'm here to you that just the opposite is true. Especially if you're a writer. A great storyline and well-developed characters are only part of what makes a good book good. The use of correct punctuation and grammar will help give your book a fighting chance in the publishing world; a book that is a grammatical nightmare will likely just be fed to the shredder, or it will be tossed in a slush pile, buried by thousands of other books just like it.

Skeptical? The next time you come across a story with little or no punctuation, or even massively incorrect punctuation, take note of how quickly you tire of it when trying to decipher the sentence. You may even give up on it after a paragraph or two. In a previous series of mine, Why Good Writing Matters, I briefly touched on the subject of grammar and how it can affect one's writing. In this series, The Grammar Grind, I'll go more in depth with the rules of grammar and present a few tips for remembering them. After all, what good does it do to mention the rules if they don't stick? By the end of this series, I hope to clearly explain the basic rules of punctuation and grammar so that they etch themselves into your brain...or at the very least, adhere to it.