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Website of author and professional editor Rachelle M. N. Shaw. Find information about her books, her editing services, and her blog, From Mind to Paper: On Writing and Editing.

From Mind to Paper: On Writing and Editing

From Mind to Paper is a blog for writers, editors, and those interested in the English language. It covers a multitude of writing topics, from punctuation and grammar to plot development, character development, and world building. In addition to in-depth articles about various writing topics, this blog also has a number of series posts, which are currently being transformed into a nonfiction series on writing.

Q&A Reminder!

Rachelle M. N. Shaw

Just a quick reminder for my upcoming Q&A event on Saturday, May 9th. I'll be posting tips for writing and answering any questions thrown my way about the writing and editing process. So if you have any questions about grammar, punctuation, world building, character development, an idea you have for a book, or you just want to chat about writing, feel free to join in! The chat will be taking place from 9 PM to 10 PM EDT under the hashtag #RMNSchats. I hope to hear from you guys!