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Trick-Or-Treat Reads 2017

Rachelle M. N. Shaw


Patricia Lynne, a fellow YA author, graciously invited me to participate in her awesome annual Trick-Or-Treat Reads event again this year, and I'm excited to announce what I have in store.

What is Trick-Or-Treat Reads?

Authors who signed up for the event unite to celebrate Halloween by offering up their books for free today to anyone who wants to score extra reads at a great price. All readers have to do is hop from blog to blog in search of links to the free books from each participating author!

My Bag of Goodies

I’m doing a two-for-one deal again this year, where you can get The Eyes That Moved, the first book in the YA paranormal horror series The Porcelain Souls, for free, then head over to Smashwords and get the second one for free with a special coupon code.

The Porcelain Souls, Part 1

Kendra and Adam, two teens with addiction for adventure and a knack for spotting treasures in abandoned houses, team up to discover the secrets of the Whitson house. When they delve into its undiscovered past, Kendra unlocks a deadly secret, one that Adam failed to share.

The Eyes That Moved is permanently free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and iBooks. And anyone who signs up for my author newsletter today will get a signed copy of it, as well as a free copy of my latest publication, Sisters. I often send out discount codes, freebies, and exclusive excerpts to subscriberslike I'll be doing later this afternoon, when I'll share the opening scene from my upcoming publication, part 3 in The Porcelain Souls series.

The Porcelain Souls, Part 2

When Marley's parents buy the infamously spooky Whitson house, she comes face to face with the startling truth about its past. Torn between her escalting popularity and protecting herself and her loved ones from the looming danger that surrounds them, Marley must choose if the risks of her new social life are worth it.

The Ballerina’s Gift is available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks for $0.99. But today, you can get it on Smashwords for free with the coupon code AH25P.

Get Books From Other Participating Authors

After you’ve grabbed your free copy of The Eyes That Moved and The Ballerina’s Gift, head on over to Patricia's Trick-or-Treat Reads page to visit the rest of the blogs giving away goodies. Some authors will only have these deals on the 31st, so be sure to check them all before tomorrow!

Lastly, I'd like to give a HUGE thank-you to Patricia, who put this whole thing together. It's been an honor to participate in it for the past two years!

Happy Halloween, everyone, and I hope you have a lovely time book-or-treating!